Frequently Asked Questions2021-03-03T12:13:40+01:00

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I install updates?2021-10-12T11:02:21+02:00
  1. Open HDRinstant
  2. From the Menu, go to Help > Check Updates 
  3. From the dialog box, select where you want to save the installation file and click on Open
  4. To complete the installation, quit HDRinstant.
How do I activate my license key?2021-03-03T12:12:30+01:00
  1. Firstly, once your order has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email with a license key (a 32-digits number).
  2. If you have not done it yet, download the free version of the software here.
  3. Then, open HDRinstant and click on Register my key.
  4. Enter the license key you receive per email and restart the software.
I can’t find the HDRinstant plugin for Lightroom®2021-03-03T12:13:25+01:00
  1. Firstly, please restart Lightroom® after installing HDRinstant.
  2. Then, go to File > Plug-in extras > Run HDRinstant. 
  3. If the plug-in is not listed, you will have to add it manually. 
  4. To do so, go to File > Plug-in Manager
  5. In the pop-up window, click on Add at the bottom left of the list.
  6. Select the folder where the HDRinstant plugin has been installed.
  7. Once the plugin added, click on Done.
What is HDR?2020-05-14T15:09:27+02:00

HDR – or High Dynamic Range – is a digital photography technique using multiple levels of light intensity to make the most of these exposures. HDR images can record a great range of luminosity levels.

What is HDRinstant technology?2020-05-11T12:30:20+02:00

HDRinstant is based on state-of-the-art image processing technology inspired by astrophotography techniques.

From a video sequence, the software creates long exposures by stacking images, thus enhancing the quality of the photo by increasing the signal-to-noise ratio.

Which operating system is HDRinstant compatible with?2020-09-23T14:14:44+02:00

HDRinstant is currently available on Windows (64 bits) and macOS (from 10.15).

Is there a HDRinstant free trial?2021-09-22T11:09:16+02:00

Yes. You can download a free trial of HDRinstant on this page. You can use the free trial without any restriction for 30 days. After that period, your final results will be watermarked with “HDRinstant”.

What video should I use with HDRinstant?2021-08-26T14:34:58+02:00

For best results, we recommend you to use :

  • A high-quality video, ideally a video shot in 4K.
  • A video with a high number of Frames Per Second (or FPS). This will allow you to easily select the image you want to process.

HDRinstant processes video of various exposure levels. However, our technology will work even better with underexposed video.

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