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Transform your shots into magic moments with the new HDRinstant Lightroom plugin

March 21st 2018, Montpellier (France) – HDRlog, a young innovative company is proud to announce the release of the HDRinstant plugin for Lightroom version 2.0.


With the aid of technology such as Smartphones, GoPro cameras and drones, taking videos and photos has never been easier. However the quality of the images produced can often be disappointing.


We all wish that we could just click a button and produce an image as good as that of a professional photographer…

Jacques Joffre, the founder of the company HDRlog, created the software HDRinstant. This software uses patented technology to create HDR images from a video sequence.


What is HDR? Many of you will have noticed the HDR function on your smartphone’s camera. This function allows you to create stunning photos of highly contrasted subjects, such as a sunset or a backlight scene.

Capture and enhance the magic moment thanks to “Lucky Imaging”

Armed with a smartphone, or any other device capable of taking photos or videos, we all love to capture moments and keep them as souvenirs.

Capture the moment

The problem is that we are not all experts: we struggle to keep stable, control the brightness, the depth of field…


Yet we all want to capture that magic moment: some would like to photograph their newborn child, others the first sunset of summer or even that dolphin at the surface of the water which can only be spotted once per year.


The problem is that it’s too difficult to press the button at the right time and too easy to miss that famous “decisive moment”. HDRinstant allows the creation of a photo from a video or from a series of burst photos, then enhances it. There is no need for a tripod or the knowledge of controlling brightness… The software’s treatment reveals more details and colors in the image that you choose from the video.


Thanks to this technology, the chosen image will far clearer than the original. On top of that, by using the “Lucky Imaging” technique, you just need to film the subject in order to capture the best moment, and then extract it later in the comfort of your own home. A video is just a sequence of images, one after the other. Many new devices are capable of capturing video at 30, 60 even 120 images per second whilst some of the more expensive devices are limited to 14 photos per second.


HDRinstant selects the best image, transforms the photo to HDR, cleans it and adjusts its clarity…

The HDRinstant software in action

Imagine you are on holiday and you want to capture that perfect sunset to look back on in the future…


… How does it work?


1. Film the sunset with whatever It may have in the scene: the sea, a bird, a jumping seal…


2. Use HDRinstant to select the most beautiful image from your video sequence, the one that you want to transform, and there you go, you are right at the heart of the “Lucky Imaging” technique.


3. HDRinstant will then transform the image into a beautiful HDR photo.


It’s as simple as that!

The Software

HDRinstant is available as a standalone version for Mac Os and Windows. It is also available as a Lightroom plugin, of which the latest version (v2), has been greatly optimized.


The software is on a Freemium model, meaning that all versions can be used for free, however, without the license, any exported image will contain a watermark.


Here are the different versions available :


The free version allows extracting images from a video, computes sharpness, and applies a tone mapping algorithm.


The Light version ($25) adds new functions to improve image quality, such as good exposure, color rendering, sharpness, and offers 3 different tone mappings using more pre-sets.


The New Lightroom Plugin ($49) – This version has just been updated and gives access to HDR image creation through Lightroom.


The Professional version ($99) gives access to HDR image creation. This High Dynamic Range imaging patented algorithm uses the neighboring frames of your favorite image to get the best from your video footage.This version features the brand new Lightroom plugin.

The Launch

The software will be launched on the 28/03/2018 with a 30% reduction code : LRLAUNCH18P which will be active until 28th April 2018

Press Kit

You can access the full press kit which includes more image results and company logo’s using this link:

About us

HDRinstant was founded in 2013 by Jacques Joffre: doctor of science, photographer and co-founder of Photomatix (the world’s leading HDR software). Our patented software uses an advanced algorithm to create an HDR image from photos of the same exposure. Our goal is to ensure that photographers and videographers of any level are able to maximize their potential to capture a moment, in the best quality possible.





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