GoPro Introduces The OverCapture App: A New Way To Shoot 360° Video

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A few months back, GoPro released a camera capable of shooting 360° video named the Fusion. They have now released the mobile application called OverCapture to accompany this and together, they allow the user to shoot, control and compose 360° video.

As you can see from the video below, the process is fairly simple. You just place your camera in the desired scene, take your recording and then follow the instructions in the Overcapture app to compose and process the 360° video before exporting it as a regular video. This is all great, but what happens when you wish to extract a photo from this video sequence? Such as the moment that the skater is in mid-air in the video. There are many programs which allow you to select frames from a video but the quality of the image tends to be very poor. HDRinstant, however, allows you to select that perfect moment from the video and then uses patented stacking and morphing technology to transform it into a wonderful HDR image.

Meaning that any moment captured can be kept in outstanding quality.

[Via Gopro]