Live Photo And HDRinstant Go Hand In Hand!

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What is Live photo?

Live Photo is an exciting new feature which is integrated into the latest iPhones and several other modern smartphones which essentially combines video and photo in order to create a lively moving image complete with sound. It is taken in the same way as the standard photo: with a single tap of the capture button, however, the Live Photo will capture 1.5 seconds of video from before and after the moment that the button pressed.

One great benefit of using Live Photo is that if you miss the moment that you intended to capture, all is not lost as you may still have captured it in the surrounding video. However, unfortunately, if the moment that you wanted to capture was in that surrounding video, iPhones do not give you the option to save it as an HDR image.

How can I get an HDR image from my Live Photo?

HDRinstant allows you to extract the moment you missed from the surrounding video and transform it into a stunning HDR image using patented stacking and morphing technology.

The photo below was taken using Live Photo but was unfortunately too late to Capture the Sea Gull in flight.

Example of Live Photo

Thanks to HDRinstant, we were able to capture the moment and transform it into the wonderful HDR image below.

HDR image created using HDRinstant.

Why not give it a try and see for yourself?

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