How to Maximize your Chances of Capturing the Moment

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Capture the moment.

One of the most frustrating things that can happen to a photographer is attempting to capture a moment, one with excellent lighting and an outstanding subject, only to discover afterwards that you have pushed the button just a little too early or a little too late. The anticipation and excitement quickly converts into the disappointment of knowing that you have missed that “decisive moment” with the chances of it reproducing itself are minimal at the best.

How can we prevent missing the moment?

The first thing that comes to mind is to use the burst mode function: depending on your camera; you can then greatly increase your chances of capturing that moment. However this method is not full proof, many cameras are either limited to how many images they can take per second, or time restrictions, due to lack of memory.

So what else is available?

When it comes to capturing a moment, the easiest way is to simply hit the video record button, sit back and relax. So why not simply take a video and extract the moment from the video later? Now I know what you are thinking, the extracted image will be of a poor quality and as a photographer, quality is not something that you are willing to sacrifice. But with the increasing presence of 4k video, comes the increasing possibility of extracting a decent image. Besides, is it really worth missing a once in a lifetime moment for the sake of a few extra pixels? Whether your answer to that question is yes or no, the brand new HDRinstant Lightroom plug-in will be a vital addition to your photographer’s arsenal.

Capture the moment

What is so special about the new HDRinstant Lightroom plug-in?

This plug-in is not simply an extraction tool, it uses a patented algorithm to reduce noise and increase the dynamic range in the moment that you choose to extract, by stacking the neighboring frames. It also aligns these images meaning that for the first time in history, it is possible to create HDR images from a moving subject without that nasty ghosting effect. If you were lucky enough to capture a moment using the burst mode function, you can also stack these images in the same way to produce a HDR image.

How does it work?

The process of the plug-in is simple: select the video that you would like to use in Lightroom, click on ‘plug-in extras’ then ‘run HDRinstant’. This will then open your video in the HDRinstant software. You then need to choose the image that you wish to extract, decide how many of the neighboring frames you want to stack in order to produce the final image, then click compute and let the software work its magic. Once the computing has finished, you will be asked if you are satisfied with the result, click yes and the HDR image will be imported directly into Lightroom.

You can test the software for FREE by clicking: HERE . If you would like to purchase the software, you can use the code: LRLAUNCHAD before 28/04/2018 to save 30%!