How to Maximize your Chances of Capturing the Moment

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Capture the moment.

One of the most frustrating things that can happen to a photographer is attempting to capture a moment, one with excellent lighting and an outstanding subject, only to discover afterwards that you have pushed the button just a little too early or a little too late. The anticipation and excitement quickly converts into the disappointment of knowing that you have missed that “decisive moment” with the chances of it reproducing itself are minimal at the best.

How can we prevent missing the moment?

The first thing that comes to mind is to use the burst mode function: depending on your camera; you can then greatly increase your chances of capturing that moment. However this method is not full proof, many cameras are either limited to how many images they can take per second, or time restrictions, due to lack of memory.

So what else is available?

When it comes to capturing a moment, the easiest way is to simply hit the video record button, sit back and relax. So why not simply take a video and extract the moment from the video later? Now I know what you are thinking, the extracted image will be of a poor quality and as a photographer, quality is not something that you are willing to sacrifice. But with the increasing presence of 4k video, comes the increasing possibility of extracting a decent image. Besides, is it really worth missing a once in a lifetime moment for the sake of a few extra pixels? Whether your answer to that question is yes or no, the brand new HDRinstant Lightroom plug-in will be a vital addition to your photographer’s arsenal.

Capture the moment

What is so special about the new HDRinstant Lightroom plug-in?

This plug-in is not simply an extraction tool, it uses a patented algorithm to reduce noise and increase the dynamic range in the moment that you choose to extract, by stacking the neighboring frames. It also aligns these images meaning that for the first time in history, it is possible to create HDR images from a moving subject without that nasty ghosting effect. If you were lucky enough to capture a moment using the burst mode function, you can also stack these images in the same way to produce a HDR image.

How does it work?

The process of the plug-in is simple: select the video that you would like to use in Lightroom, click on ‘plug-in extras’ then ‘run HDRinstant’. This will then open your video in the HDRinstant software. You then need to choose the image that you wish to extract, decide how many of the neighboring frames you want to stack in order to produce the final image, then click compute and let the software work its magic. Once the computing has finished, you will be asked if you are satisfied with the result, click yes and the HDR image will be imported directly into Lightroom.

You can test the software for FREE by clicking: HERE . If you would like to purchase the software, you can use the code: LRLAUNCHAD before 28/04/2018 to save 30%!

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Press Release March 2018

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Transform your shots into magic moments with the new HDRinstant Lightroom plugin

March 21st 2018, Montpellier (France) – HDRlog, a young innovative company is proud to announce the release of the HDRinstant plugin for Lightroom version 2.0.


With the aid of technology such as Smartphones, GoPro cameras and drones, taking videos and photos has never been easier. However the quality of the images produced can often be disappointing.


We all wish that we could just click a button and produce an image as good as that of a professional photographer…

Jacques Joffre, the founder of the company HDRlog, created the software HDRinstant. This software uses patented technology to create HDR images from a video sequence.


What is HDR? Many of you will have noticed the HDR function on your smartphone’s camera. This function allows you to create stunning photos of highly contrasted subjects, such as a sunset or a backlight scene.

Capture and enhance the magic moment thanks to “Lucky Imaging”

Armed with a smartphone, or any other device capable of taking photos or videos, we all love to capture moments and keep them as souvenirs.

Capture the moment

The problem is that we are not all experts: we struggle to keep stable, control the brightness, the depth of field…


Yet we all want to capture that magic moment: some would like to photograph their newborn child, others the first sunset of summer or even that dolphin at the surface of the water which can only be spotted once per year.


The problem is that it’s too difficult to press the button at the right time and too easy to miss that famous “decisive moment”. HDRinstant allows the creation of a photo from a video or from a series of burst photos, then enhances it. There is no need for a tripod or the knowledge of controlling brightness… The software’s treatment reveals more details and colors in the image that you choose from the video.


Thanks to this technology, the chosen image will far clearer than the original. On top of that, by using the “Lucky Imaging” technique, you just need to film the subject in order to capture the best moment, and then extract it later in the comfort of your own home. A video is just a sequence of images, one after the other. Many new devices are capable of capturing video at 30, 60 even 120 images per second whilst some of the more expensive devices are limited to 14 photos per second.


HDRinstant selects the best image, transforms the photo to HDR, cleans it and adjusts its clarity…

The HDRinstant software in action

Imagine you are on holiday and you want to capture that perfect sunset to look back on in the future…


… How does it work?


1. Film the sunset with whatever It may have in the scene: the sea, a bird, a jumping seal…


2. Use HDRinstant to select the most beautiful image from your video sequence, the one that you want to transform, and there you go, you are right at the heart of the “Lucky Imaging” technique.


3. HDRinstant will then transform the image into a beautiful HDR photo.


It’s as simple as that!

The Software

HDRinstant is available as a standalone version for Mac Os and Windows. It is also available as a Lightroom plugin, of which the latest version (v2), has been greatly optimized.


The software is on a Freemium model, meaning that all versions can be used for free, however, without the license, any exported image will contain a watermark.


Here are the different versions available :


The free version allows extracting images from a video, computes sharpness, and applies a tone mapping algorithm.


The Light version ($25) adds new functions to improve image quality, such as good exposure, color rendering, sharpness, and offers 3 different tone mappings using more pre-sets.


The New Lightroom Plugin ($49) – This version has just been updated and gives access to HDR image creation through Lightroom.


The Professional version ($99) gives access to HDR image creation. This High Dynamic Range imaging patented algorithm uses the neighboring frames of your favorite image to get the best from your video footage.This version features the brand new Lightroom plugin.

The Launch

The software will be launched on the 28/03/2018 with a 30% reduction code : LRLAUNCH18P which will be active until 28th April 2018

Press Kit

You can access the full press kit which includes more image results and company logo’s using this link:

About us

HDRinstant was founded in 2013 by Jacques Joffre: doctor of science, photographer and co-founder of Photomatix (the world’s leading HDR software). Our patented software uses an advanced algorithm to create an HDR image from photos of the same exposure. Our goal is to ensure that photographers and videographers of any level are able to maximize their potential to capture a moment, in the best quality possible.





Press Contact :
Phone: +33 4 67 58 64 29

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HDRlog Is Attending the Mobile World Congress 2018!

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HDRlog is proud to announce its participation in the world’s largest mobile exposition: the Mobile World Congress 2018

The French start-up will participate in B to B meetings in order to present their two products: HDRinstant and Archive’ Up to members of the photo and video industry. The meetings will take place between the 26th and 29th of February in Barcelona with the goal of securing future partnerships and obtaining information on the latest innovations from around the world.

Thanks to its revolutionary technology, HDRinstant allows the creation of HDR images from a video sequence. By using this new solution, amateur and professional photographers are able to maximize their potential to capture a moment in a sublime quality. The software works well in any scene or environment, even in poor lighting conditions or when the subject is moving meaning that HDR photos can now be produced of subjects that were previously deemed as impossible.

With Archive’ Up it is now possible to restore and upgrade audio-visual files with a completely automatic procedure as well as being capable of transforming standard definition videos to HDR. This solution is currently the only fully automatic restoration software on the market.

For more information concerning the Brokerage event, visit the website:

About HDRlog

HDRlog was founded in 2013 by Jacques Joffre: doctor of science, photographer and co-founder of Photomatix (the world’s leading HDR software). Our patented software allows the creation of HDR images from a video sequence and the restoration of audiovisual files.

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Live Photo And HDRinstant Go Hand In Hand!

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What is Live photo?

Live Photo is an exciting new feature which is integrated into the latest iPhones and several other modern smartphones which essentially combines video and photo in order to create a lively moving image complete with sound. It is taken in the same way as the standard photo: with a single tap of the capture button, however, the Live Photo will capture 1.5 seconds of video from before and after the moment that the button pressed.

One great benefit of using Live Photo is that if you miss the moment that you intended to capture, all is not lost as you may still have captured it in the surrounding video. However, unfortunately, if the moment that you wanted to capture was in that surrounding video, iPhones do not give you the option to save it as an HDR image.

How can I get an HDR image from my Live Photo?

HDRinstant allows you to extract the moment you missed from the surrounding video and transform it into a stunning HDR image using patented stacking and morphing technology.

The photo below was taken using Live Photo but was unfortunately too late to Capture the Sea Gull in flight.

Example of Live Photo

Thanks to HDRinstant, we were able to capture the moment and transform it into the wonderful HDR image below.

HDR image created using HDRinstant.

Why not give it a try and see for yourself?

Click here to download a free trial of HDRinstant and discover a whole new realm of photographic opportunity!

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A Student Used Microsoft Excel to Create a HDR Photo?!

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If you were to ask a friend which software they use for photo editing, the chances are that they would probably respond by saying either “ Photoshop”, “Lightroom” or “I don’t edit photos”. But what would be your reaction if they told you they use Microsoft Excel? You would probably assume that whoever said either doesn’t really edit at all or is, to put it kindly: as mad as a hatter.

However Kevin Chen, previously a camera software intern with Apple, has not only managed to use Excel for photo editing, he used it to create an HDR photo!

“Have you ever taken a photo with areas that are too bright or too dark? As any photographer will tell you, high dynamic range photography is the right way to solve your problem. And, as any business person will tell you, Microsoft Excel is the right platform to implement your solution.”

So how did he do it?

Chen made it sound simple when he stated that the algorithm was “ just a system of linear equations”, but linear equations are not simple for us all. To explain it as briefly as possible, Chen broke down the images into grayscale pixels and assigned each of these pixels to an individual cell in a spreadsheet. He then squared up the cells and used the zoom setting to zoom out which revealed the photos in full.

Hey, presto!

You can see how the detail in the stained glass windows is far more visible in the photo on the right.

HDR Excel

As amazing as Chen’s work may be, it is unlikely that you are now going to rush to open Excel in an attempt to reproduce his complex algorithm, who really has time for that? Besides, there are much more simple solutions that exist.

The classic methods of producing HDR photos would be through exposure bracketing, where you take several shots of a subject in different exposures and then blend them together to create a single photo with more depth of field and detail. This method can produce some stunning results but is highly limited as if the subject is moving, it will produce blurred images known as ‘ghosting’. When it comes to creating HDR photos of a moving subject, there is only one software that works and that is HDRinstant.

How does HDRinstant work?

HDRinstant creates HDR photos from videos without the need of different exposures by artificially increasing the dynamic range. This is a revolutionary method which stacks the neighboring frames together and results in a high-resolution HDR photo.

This process may also sound complicated, however, it is very simple for the user. You simply need to open a video in the software, select the frame and then it does the complicated part leaving you only the finishing touches with tone mapping.

So if you fancy creating an HDRimage without the having the knowledge of linear equations, download a free trial of HDRinstant by clicking Here!

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GoPro Introduces The OverCapture App: A New Way To Shoot 360° Video

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A few months back, GoPro released a camera capable of shooting 360° video named the Fusion. They have now released the mobile application called OverCapture to accompany this and together, they allow the user to shoot, control and compose 360° video.

As you can see from the video below, the process is fairly simple. You just place your camera in the desired scene, take your recording and then follow the instructions in the Overcapture app to compose and process the 360° video before exporting it as a regular video. This is all great, but what happens when you wish to extract a photo from this video sequence? Such as the moment that the skater is in mid-air in the video. There are many programs which allow you to select frames from a video but the quality of the image tends to be very poor. HDRinstant, however, allows you to select that perfect moment from the video and then uses patented stacking and morphing technology to transform it into a wonderful HDR image.

Meaning that any moment captured can be kept in outstanding quality.

[Via Gopro]


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Our press release on Microfilmmaker !

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Another press release about the new version of HDRinstant was published today on the magazine about Microfilms.

They talk about a new possibility of use of our software as a tool to create a better press release, especially when you’re low on budget for your promotion.

You can read the article “Create a better press release: grab enhanced photos from your videos with HDRinstant 2.0”



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