Get HDR pictures from your drone videos
HDRinstant is a powerful software that creates HDR images from video files

By stacking and morphing neighboring frames, our software creates High-Dynamic-Range images from video sequences. This technology works particularly well for aerial photography, where apparent movement is limited.
Our patented technology benefits thousands of drone enthusiasts and professionals, allowing them to easily work on their video footage to get splendid images out of their flights.

If you shoot video all the time, this is one software package that you will wonder how you ever lived without.

― FlyRC

High quality photos

Our image processing algorithms visibly increase the level of detail in your stills and allow you enhance them to your liking.

More shooting possibilities

You can now shoot high-contrast and low light scenes, we recover details from the shadows to create a clear, balanced picture.

Capture the moment

Extracting pictures from your videos allows you to pick the exact frame you want, opening the door to a whole new realm of possibilities. Our sharpness detection tool will help you choose the best picture in your video.

Maximize your efficiency

From a 20 min drone flight you now get video footage + an unlimited number of pictures to choose from. Being able to select pictures from your videos will save you time and increase your productivity.

Cutting edge software technology

Working with top level engineers, university professors and coding geniuses, we’re constantly improving our products to stay on the forefront of innovation.
Our post-processing software will allow you to easily select video frames and turn them into high-quality video stills.

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